Readings that heal you. Readings that help you reach your full potential.

In-person, Live Phone or Video.

Guidance, clarity, insight, hope, validation, confidence in your life path, and a reminder of all the opportunities and possibilities available to you, at your fingertips.

What makes Sedona Healing Arts the best choice for readings?

Authentic, honest, integral, compassionate and knowledgeable Advisors who are committed to healing as a way of life.

Authentic Intuitive Readings 100% Satisfaction

The Sedona Intuitive Reading Retreat

Develop Your Psychic Senses in this 5-Day Live Intensive at Sedona Mago Retreat

The Sedona Intuitive Reader Certification Course

50 hrs+ of intensive one-on-one training Online and in Sedona

28-Day Awakening To Spirit Cleanse

Transform your health and spirit, body and mind, through this life-changing Individualized Online Detox

What people are saying about us

“The medicine woman”
The lady who runs the shop, her name is Yolessa, I believe, has amazing healing power. I talk to her and even before I finish my words, she knows what my problem is physically and spiritually.
Even talking to her gives me some kind of amazing relief and I feel like she is some medicine woman.
I hope that people who visit Sedona, go to meet her and have a nice talk with her. If you do this, then you’d be done half with Sedona.
5 Star TRIPADVISOR Review Johee
I was very amazed by the reader and healer I met at the shop. Her name is Yolessa. She was so genuine and sharp at the same time. She guided me in a way that I can easily accept that I can tell she can really read me. She was not only guiding me but also giving me very practical coaching that I can apply in my daily life. I strongly recommend her if you find any reader in Sedona.
5 stars TRIPADVISOR Chowol Closter
“Time Well Spent!”
I am a local and I always enjoy going into this shop. The energy there is amazing and the staff is wonderful. The other day , my daughter and I went in to see about having a psychic reading done. She ended up having one on her own and I decided to have my husband come join me for a couples session. Our spiritual reader was Dae Hwang and he was amazing. The session began with us having our aura pictures taken and explained to us. Then we went into a very nice room where my husband and I sat side by side across a table from Dae Hwang and asked various questions pertaining to things that were on our hearts and minds. It is hard to describe what made the session so amazing , but the things Dae Hwang told us really resonated with us and also made us inquisitive in a good way. My daughter had a wonderful session too. The other spiritual readers in the shop were also very warm and friendly and took the time to explain various things to us. We all left the shop feeling like we’d been given a blessing. I highly recommend this shop.
“Beautiful shop, Beautiful staff”
Drove to Sedona for a day trip and had heard about the beautiful wall mural painted outside. My mom, two sisters and I went for the wall and happened to wander in the shop to look around. Boy are we glad we did! We all felt immediately comfortable and at peace. An amazing energy. Zin was a beautiful soul I hope you have the opportunity to meet. She helped us chose the best chakra stones for us and told us about our auras. We wanted to have a reading, but they were all booked for the day and the evening slot he had pans already to be home. Even without the reading there was crying and a wealth of clarity and happiness flowing from us. It was an amazing experience and we didn’t even have a reading!!! We will be back to experience more. Thank you, thank you to the team and I recommend this place as a great go to while visiting Sedona!
5 stars TRIPADVISOR Kristine C.
Amazing experience. I am a skeptic and when my chakras were read they were EXACTLY what I knew I needed but it just further confirmed. 11/10 friendly and inviting staff that are always eager to help.
5 star Google review Sarah Luther

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