Spiritual Detox

A Complete 21-Day Spiritual, Emotional & Total Body and Organ Energy Detox

We can spend years taking ourselves through self-help exercises, meditation, prayer and affirmations to try and raise our vibration in the hopes of creating a more abundant, freedom based life.  Despite our perilous efforts so many of us end disheartened, frustrated, wondering why we are not able to “attract” better experiences.

Thoughts become things. Literally, in your body. Detoxing is an art, and comes with physical, emotional and energetic changes. Though it may be easy to search information concerning the physical aspects of detox; rarely do we obtain any deep understanding regarding the connection between our body issues and our emotional and mental habits. Ultimately, detox, if used properly, can be a powerful reset method; an opportunity to return you to the 0-point, where old trauma fades into nothing opening a platform for new awareness, new choices, and a new life.

Results may include…

Improved Digestion

Weight Loss

Relief from Pain & Health Conditions

Freedom from past emotional issues

Enhanced Mental Clarity

Improved Energy

More Restful Sleep

Decreased signs of physical aging

Increased ability to fight stress

Self-Healing Mastery

How it Works

Every time you have a thought a synapsis is fired in your brain.  The frequency of that electrical impulse signals a hormonal release which communicates to your body whether that thought is a happy thought or a distressed thought.  This flood of hormones is the natural way your brain  communicates with your body (in a visceral way) how it feels about any given moment or situation in your life. And it is that feeling that compels you to proceed forward or recede in relation to that person or situation.   

This brain -> synapsis -> hormone -> body -> action -> process of fight, flight, rest or digest happens at lightning speed.  An automatic function created to benefit us, but somewhere along the way this inherent system has transformed from gift into curse.  Rather than saving our lives it has come to rob a majority of us of the ability to create (and live) according to our highest possible frequency.  Here’s why…

It happens that so often when we become faced with challenges in our life, due mostly to the rules of polite society, we ignore our body’s natural parasympathetic GPS system.  We don’t flight when our parasympathetic nervous system tells us to run away, we don’t fight back when oppressed, we don’t even rest when our body desperately asks us for a break.  This is only a problem because when we repress these basic survival urges the hormones that our brain floods into our body to deal with the situation at hand, keep flooding the system, and going unused eventually root abnormality in the cells and a build up of plaque, a defense mechanism, in the body. Plaque is only problematic when it builds to unhealthy proportions acting as a barrier to proper digestion nutrient absorption, blood circulation, water absorption, and the list goes on. What’s more is our entire system is now using the energy that would be habituated to regulating our autonomic functions like the beating of our heart and breath, to our muscles, devitalizing the organs. Then because of the behavioral conflict that ensues from our judgments of appropriate behavior depending on our socialization, we don’t excrete the appropriate response and all the nervous tension that was built up turns itself inward as a constant stress until we find an appropriate outlet.  All of this repression depletes our life force and lowers our vibration. Then we start dealing with new situations using old stress responses, rather than evaluating things with a present mind. This is how we can have a desire to improve our lives and simultaneously continue to make deleterious choices.

An excessive output of the cortisol hormone will cause us to eat because we are stressed, most especially high sugar, high fat quick acid foods that inevitably result in inflammation and indigestion. Stress and an unhealthy diet are chronic in our modern world.

Imagine this stress response process occurring hundreds of times a day. Then consider time, we can only imagine the effects after one year or twenty.  It is this accumulation of toxicity that we create with our minds in addition to environmental toxins that we need to rid ourselves of.

Why Detoxing the Body is Important for Spiritual Growth

From the eyes of the original intelligence, “the universe”, everything is vibrational frequency. This is a concept which has garnered agreement from both the world of science and mysticism.   

Once an individual realizes that they (and everything else) are energy, and that the vibration and frequency they generate attracts people and things to them at their same levels… it is both natural and an exciting part of the growth process to want to take our fate into our own hands.  There are tons of tools out there, and if you are like most seekers you’ve tried them all.  And if you are also like most people you may have found that while these things can help a little, they don’t create the lasting and foundational changes they promise. 

The reason for this is because though you may actively change your mind, your body is still holding onto a lot of toxicity.  Your mind may be calling to the universe “abundance, trust, clarity, peace,” but your body still has the imprint of poverty, doubt, confusion, pain.  That is why taking yourself through a radical cleansing process (at least once in your adult life) can and will change EVERYTHING. 

Most of the great spiritual masters throughout history knew this, which is why fasting was an initiation into their enlightenment. Perhaps fasting wasn’t so much about doing without… but rather it was more about letting go of everything that wasn’t natural to them in order to allow a complete reset of their body’s frequency. 

While we are not asking you to completely refrain from all foods and fast, we do ask that you do eliminate foods such as meat, dairy, sugar, alcohol, and simple carbohydrates for a period of time to allow your body to go through the process of healing. 

What’s Included:

Private Spiritual Coaching & Emotional Mapping Sessions

Daily Yoga & Qigong Classes

Private physical and energetic evaluations

Alkaline Non-hybrid Plant-based Diet Education and Consumption List

Whole Body Detox Support Herbs, Probiotics and Electrolytes

Basic Principles of the 5 elements and associated organ health

& the re-balancing of those energies

Guided Liver Cleanse

Typical Spiritual Coaching Session

Rebecca’s gift as a Spiritual Intuitive connects you to your highest potential. Her sessions open up hidden realms inside a person’s unconscious to reveal what is needed for transformation at any given moment on your path, transmuting key karmas into powerful fuel for achieving your highest potential. Through her sessions you will become more deeply connected than you have ever been before. The emergence of your own intuitive abilities is often just a by-product of her work. Every session is progressive and different depending on your needs.

Typical Emotional Mapping Session

Checking In: Questions about your experience from the previous day

Main discussion: education and explanation of the main topic of the present session

Exercise/Practice: learning by experiencing & Emotional Mapping; using body awareness to investigate the root of one’s life issues and heal them completely.

More on Emotional Mapping

A “biological conflict-shock” causes the appearance of a focus of activity centered on a precise point of the brain. The location of the focus depends on the nature of the shock-conflict. The organ controlled by that specific brain center registers a functional transformation. This transformation can manifest as a growth, as tissue loss or as a loss of function. In other words conflict breed disease.

For man and mammal, the oldest conflicts originate from the brain stem and result in cancerous growths – tumors. The resolution of these conflicts leads to a breakdown of the tumor and restoration of health. However, conflicts are subjective, and what may seem insignificant to one person may lead to death in another so long as it triggers a certain biological program, for instance, a territorial conflict.

All diseases start with a cold phase, activity of the parasympathetic nervous system predominates, the shock is a constant preoccupation, nights seem long, extremities are cold and meanwhile the organ lesion extends. With the brain stem, for instance, a tumor is growing. If and when there is a conflict resolution, the process will be reve-       rsed. The impression on the brain begins to heal, as does the organ. All physicians knowjus564 that healing is accompanied by oedema. The oedema that develops around the focus ring in the brain becomes visible on X-rays or CT’s and is usually misdiagnosed as a brain tumor. When healing is complete, after the healing crisis, the oedematous node is pressed out, a diuretic phase eliminates excess liquid from the organism and normal health is re-established.

The warm phase is the healing stage of disease and what we usually identify as infectious disease. During this stage, the transformations of the first stage are reversed. Cancers are broken down or encapsulated Necroses or ulcers are filled up again through the work of bacteria, or rather, bacterial infections. 

By emotionally mapping the origin of a conflict, the healing and resolution begins for good.


Liver Cleanse Herbal Tea

Hwangchil (Dendropanax) Herbal Tea

Kidney Herbs

Belly Button Healing Kit

Toxin Absorber

Digestive Stimulator

Vitamineral Greens



Bathing Salts & Skin Brush

Enema Kit

On the Go Mini-Blender

Flax & Hempseed Dietary Fiber Supplement

Liver Salts

About Organ Energy Detox

In the time-honored wisdom of oriental medicine, it is known that the dynamic balance of the 5 elemental energies regulates the circulation of life in nature. In the human body, 5 major organs have a corresponding relation to the 5 elemental energies. This program facilitates organ detox and natural healing by refreshing and balancing the organ’s elemental energy.

Your Trainers

Rebecca Tinkle
Spiritual Intuitive & Mystic

I have literally re-built myself from the ground up: body, mind, heart and spirit. This period of total transformation came after losing everything in a type of dramatic post apocalyptic spiritual awakening.  Now, having rebuilt myself to be the woman that I always wanted to be, I have helped thousands of others live more awakened empowered lives as well.

Yolessa K. Lawrinnce, Esq.
Tao Master & Creator, 21 Day Spiritual Body Detox

I know detox because I went through it.

I began experimenting with detox methods after I developed chronic pain derived from a near 70 degree scoliotic spine despite surgery with Harrington Rods, and worsening eyesight due to glaucoma. In the first stages of adopting a vegan diet, liver cleanses and enemas, by body began thoroughly releasing on its own. Wanting to understand the process that had preceded me, I threw myself into experimental research, and began to consciously observe how my emotions had transferred into my subconscious and lodged themselves physiologically. Upon the loosening and release of matter, I would experience a staunch ‘remembering’ of trauma before it disappeared. Most importantly of all, I learned how emotional patterns that may be dominating a person’s personality, causing health problems, relationships issues, bad habits, financial problems and numerous other issues, can be completely eliminated in just minutes by the eradication of the emotional pattern. This changed me forever. Even at the most intense moments of my own personal detox, I remained in gratitude and knew that this wisdom was meant to be shared with you.

The investment

Six week Detox $6200 (for Cleansers who want to eradicate serious chronic conditions)

Includes 30, 1 hr private sessions (bodywork, emotional & spiritual guidance), 15 hours with Rebecca + 15 hours with Yolessa + 6 weeks of cleansing supplies + 6 weeks of daily checkins

21-Day Detox $3900 (for Cleansers who want total Mind-Body renewal and improved health)

Includes 20, 1 hr private sessions (bodywork, emotional & spiritual guidance), 10 hours with Rebecca + 10 hrs with Yolessa + 3 weeks of cleansing supplies + 3 weeks of daily checkins

10-Day $1700

Includes 5, 1 hr private session (bodywork, emotional & spiritual guidance), 3 hrs with Rebecca + 2 hrs with Rebecca + 10 days of cleansing supplies + 10 days of daily checkins)

Want to cleanse but feel you can do without the coaching? Try our 21 day $1000 option

You’ll have 3 hrs of coaching time available to you, to use at your discretion.

This option includes all cleansing material.

*Payment Plans Available


Please be advised that this program is not a substitute for medically-supervised treatment and the individuals presenting this program are not licensed medical or mental health care professionals. This program includes tools and practices that are intended to support you, and if you have a recovery plan, compliment your existing recovery plan. Further, the information provided in this program is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure any mental health condition or physical illness and does not replace the advice of your medical or mental health care provider. If you are pregnant or nursing, you’re not allowed to take this program. If you’re taking any prescribed medication, or have health problems, please consult your primary health care provider before starting this program.