We booked sessions with Sedona Healing Arts in advance, in conjunction with the Sedona Mago Retreat. As a family we were looking to experience a little of the original Sedona experience and try different things. We got all of that, and more. What we did not expect was to grow closer as a family, the whole experience has improved our relationships, and they were good to start with. They are just on a higher level of understanding now. So thank you Sedona Healing Arts, we will be back.
– Andrew M

My experience at Sedona Healing Arts was magically unique and unforgettable. I had an Aura / spiritual reading by Rebecca Tinkle and I felt an immense connection to her and what she had to say to me during my reading. I felt was was able to feel me better than I could feel myself. It was very magical and surreal yet grounded. I felt beautiful energy and It was one of the most touching experiences in my life.
– Bea

So many readers in Sedona. I invested in Rebecca Tinkle and was greatly impressed. Her healing energy lasted for several days and I felt more centered and calm. She has great energy and helped me to look at my life from a higher perspective. Great shop also.

“Exceeded my expectations!” – Deanna Czerwonka, Owner at Inspiring Wellness for Life

I set my intention to release blockages, physically & emotionally that are keeping me “stuck”…to diminish my puffy eyes and dark circles, have healthier nails, skin and hair, feeling more vitality and energy.
I got this, and so much more!
Many principles I understand when it comes to the affect our thoughts/emotions have on our physical body, but after several years of personal growth and development (I even teach it!), I still haven’t gotten to the point of truly embodying what this feels like.
Each week, I experienced profound AHAs and awarenesses. It was as if I could see situations from a birds eye view, and choose to take a deeper look at what has been holding me back – whether in fear, or based on limiting beliefs and old patterns of behavior. And, I’m talking about things that have been issue the majority of my 53 years. I could see them for what they were, and choose to let them go. The emotion around them was never charged…it was surprisingly simple, and very inspiring to see what would happen next as soon as I truly let go of these thoughts and behaviors that sub-consciously kept me in bondage. Circumstances presented themselves to me in life that I could not possibly have orchestrated or dreamed of! This absolutely blew me away at how amazing doors open up when one is true to themselves first, and in healthy balance and alignment.
As a result, it is an easy choice in sustaining lifestyle eating habits that nourish and energize my body, but also my outlook on life and appreciation for my entire body. Old, old stuff truly was released, yet the lessons and awareness of the blessings of all my experiences remain.
This detox cleansed me of emotional baggage, improving my physical appearance, and giving me more focus, clarity, energy and vitality. I definitely feel more balanced from within, which has significantly improved my confidence and sense of self-empowerment.
I can’t put a value on the depth of this program. While I questioned investing so much money at first, I decided I had spent far much more over the years on a variety of self-improvement tools. What I got in return far exceeded the value of the money! For me it really came down to my self-worth. I can now confidently say, not just in theory, but truly feel that I AM WORTHY! There are not words to explain the benefits – far greater than I could have imagined, and I am certain they will be as different as the people that choose to do this. If you commit 100% to this program, you will get exactly what you need…that I am confident about. I wish everyone could do this…can you imagine if we each showed up in life fully embracing the individuality of who we each are and gifts we have to offer one another? How could our world not be a healthier, more balanced, peaceful and loving place!
Just do it!!!
Deanna Czerwonka
Sedona, AZ