This is a special invite to my January 15 start date,

Spirit Mastery Certification Virtual Training

Master the exact process I used to search and neutralize trauma from the root in 6 weeks in a group process.

The overwhelming response I get from natural healing professionals who experience Emotion Mapping Therapy, is that it is the most effective method they have encountered to heal trauma for good, quickly.

Based in medical understanding of how the brain is wired, it trains the feeling senses as a precise guide to recognizing the path through the mind to conflict resolution.

This is an opportunity to learn the exact process designed to deliver a deep and profound life altering awakening to your clients, family and friends and most importantly, to you, instantaneously.

Here are 6 reasons why you will get more know-how in 6 weeks than most people get in years pursuing emotional mastery:

Full Immersion Experience – You will be working with others who have specifically experienced Emotion Mapping, getting to observe the process done on them, and on me.

Learning Environment Designed for Immediate Results – by practicing the skills needed to use the therapy effectively during the 6 weeks, you install in yourself the behavior and habits necessary for immediate healing

Constant Feedback for Immediate Improvement – by being around me and Dr. Marc, our resident Naturopath, there’s no way for you not to become an expert. You get immediate feedback on your process, your approach, and get to improve things dramatically, so you can map faster.

Daily Accountability for Daily Results – when you start seeing people in the group excel at the process, it shows you they can get results, so most likely you will try, and because you will know exactly what to do, you will most likely succeed.

Valuable/Lifelong connections – You will be making new friendships in an intimate group with people who can help you whatever your biggest problem is …connections are important!

Done For You help on the Spot – One of the biggest reasons people fail to heal trauma in others or themselves is because they lack the technical skills or knowledge on how to approach it….trying to see through trauma can feel like a hail storm – so that’s why its a lot easier when you’re in a training where there’s a team on site to help guide you.

6 weeks
2 hrs/week
$2997 – 50% off when you register by January 10th. You do the math!

Call 928-282-3875 if you want in. We look for those people who are committed, enthusiastic and ready for change. If that sounds like you, this course is for you. I’m looking forward to meeting you – Yolessa