Soul’s Journey Shamanic Desert

Meet your soul and reclaim your passion and purpose in life! Journey into Sedona’s mystical vortexes in this  2-day, 1-night customized spiritual adventure; Combining ceremony, fire, fasting, drumming, prayer, body tapping, moon & starlight meditation, and self-declaration as a powerful forces to open the heart center, reconnect with who you really are, letting go of whatever has been holding you back for good.

There are many guiding spirits that are all around us, just waiting to communicate with us, and while in nature, especially in the high-energy places, we can intentionally quiet our thinking mind to be able to hear and feel their messages. You will be guided into a deep energy release experience, as well as led through a process of connecting with Earth energy for restorative healing, followed by a vision meditation to direct all of that energy intentionally into the areas of your life where you want to create.

This retreat will help you to explore and tangibly connect with your soul so that it shines through you and into your life, as well as giving you the experience of tapping into the gifts of energy and everything that the Mother Earth provides for us.