Healing Chakra Qigong with Master Hyesung

Everything is Qigong. Master your energy, master your life.


  • Improved focus and mental clarity
  • Pain relief
  • Emotional Healing
  • Postural correction
  • Improved physical strength, balance and flexibility
  • Stress reduction
  • Feelings of peace and inner stillness
  • Connection with Spirit

By combining traditional martial arts with dance and vibrational healing, Qigong helps to open stagnant chakras, enabling you to benefit from both physical strengthening and inner healing, with the ultimate goal of self-empowerment.

With focused intention, you will find that inner development, self-awareness and body alignment come naturally. The movements are so powerful that you’ll be able to feel changes in your body after repeating even a single movement!

Qigong is comprised of three components. First is Qi, or Primal Energy, referring to the basic essence of the universe from which all life arises. Next, is Nothingness, which encourages you to release all preconceived identities and limiting beliefs that are holding you back, allowing you to become a blank slate. By emptying yourself, you can be open to experiencing the oneness of all existence and are thus prepared to receive and embody the primal energy of the cosmos. The final principle is simply Study, or Concentration, affirming your commitment to learning the movements and principles of Qigong.

With continued practice, Qigong allows you to develop your ability to sense and direct your energy. You will experience how to increase your sensitivity to Qi (energy), how to build your focus through breathing, and how to circulate energy to achieve your goals.

Qigong maximizes the power of your body and mind. This training is based on the development and use of one’s Qi, or energy, which gives life and vitality to your body. You will learn how to control Qi by experiencing it through active movement and by awareness on the breath.

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