Couple/Family Readings

Get clarity and understanding around relationship dynamics with your partner or members of your family

A Couples’/Family Relationship Reading will take your relationship to a new level of connection and understanding by communicating and making compassionately understood energetic dynamics that dominate your relationship, so that resolution, deep healing and harmonization between the people involved can result in peace and happiness in communion.

Whether you are in a budding relationship or one that has withstood the test of time, a couple’s reading will help you clearly understand what each person needs in order to feel valued and understood within the parameters of the relationship, offering insight into the ways in which the foundational dynamics and energy of the relationship can be utilized to bring lasting and unconditional love. By opening the channels of communication through intuitive guidance you will be able to see your partner in a new light, allowing your relationship to rise to heightened levels of intimacy.

Couples’/Family Relationship Reading

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