Aura Photo and Analysis

Everything is surrounded by a field of it’s own energy. See yours.

Discover your colors in the rainbow with the Aura Photo and Analysis.  

The colors of the aura range the varying hues of the rainbow and can be interpreted according to hue, depth, and color combinations.

  • If your Aura is Red you are courageous and passionate with a strong will and drive to succeed. 
  • If your Aura is Orange you are highly creative, adventurous, out-going, and fun. 
  • If your Aura is Yellow you’re playful, optimistic, and freeing yourself from the burdens of the mind and persistent problems.
  • If your Aura is Green you are a love-centered person, a healer, and have high ideas and aspirations for yourself and the world.
  • If your Aura is Blue you have a highly developed spiritual connection are imaginative, and enjoy solitude.
  • If your Aura is Purple you are highly intuitive, sensitive to energies, have deep empathic feelings and have a strong connection to the spirit realms.

If you just want to know a little about yourself, then the Aura Photo and Analysis is a great way to check in and see exactly how you are currently using your energy, what your general gifts and talents may be, and where your current stress levels rate.

Aura Reading

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