Sound Chakra Balancing & Crystal Healing with Kristen

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Are you in balance? Revitalize your energy centers with Sound Chakra Balancing & Crystal Healing

Rebalance your Chakras.

The Chakra Balancing and Crystal Healing Session utilizes the natural resonance of crystals and sound to recalibrate a healthy circulation of vital life-force energy through the chakras, which are the seven energy centers that run along the length of the spine, starting at the tailbone and ending at the crown.

Known in eastern medicine as the spiritual organs, each chakra is associated with the varying emotions and attitudes that we experience in day-to-day life. When all seven chakras are healthy and balanced you’ll feel physically, energetically, and spiritually vibrant. Conversely, when the energy flow is decreased, either through a blockage or weakness, unexplained fatigue, pain, negative thoughts and emotions, or disease may manifest.  Through the Chakra Balancing & Crystal Healing, you’ll recover a healthy energy balance of the chakras, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed, refreshed, hopeful, and renewed.

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