Psychic Reading with Kristen

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Trust in your body. Learn to heal from your pain points in a sustainable way, at home.

Benefits: Pain relief from chronic conditions; Relief from old emotional trauma; Body realignment; Relaxation; Improved circulation; Increased immunity; Intuitive development; Increase in self-healing power and self-confidence

In this day and age, as panic spreads over disease, it is vital to find ways to release tension and to get the body back to a neutral point to boost immunity, stay healthy, and to be able to do what it is that we need to do in our daily lives.

The body holds emotions and trauma, even if no physical scars can be seen. If allowed to build, these issues can cause weight gain, a compromised immune system, a lack of flexibility, joint issues, and even lower bone density if the ability to move is hindered.
The body will tell you when something is off; it’s all a matter of developing that skill to listen and respect it to create positive changes.

Through Guided Self-Massage Therapy, you will be able to target your areas of discomfort, release them, and learn the root causes of your issues. Handled in a non-invasive and comforting way, you will be guided through a variety of gentle exercises, acupressure, and breathing techniques customized to your specific needs and wants. Activities or healing tools tailored to your needs, to improve your condition, will be recommended after your session.

*Multi-sessions are recommended as one cannot instantly heal the body after 1 hour. It takes months and years to for issues to develop; it therefore takes time to clear them up.

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