Psychic Reading with Bama Kim

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An intuitive reading will help you see deeply embedded patterns in your personality, your personal history, your relationships, and your future possibilities.

Spirituality is an essential part of a fully experienced life. It touches on the deepest part of an individual’s being, as well as the shared experiences of all humans and, more broadly, all living things. Intuitive readers tap into this mysterious aspect of existence to reveal truths about you, your loved ones, and the underlying ties that connect us all.

If you’re interested in intuitive readings, you are inevitably interested in spirituality. This is because all intuitive readings rely on an intuitive reader’s ability to tap into the knowledge and wisdom of the spiritual realm – the realm of the individual and collective unconscious, of memories and dreams, and of spiritual beings or beings unseen to the naked eye.

There are many ways to access and express your spirituality, including religious rituals, art, poetry, music, and nature appreciation, as well as yoga, meditation, and numerous other areas of spiritual pursuit. Intuitive readings are an essential part of this dynamic range of options because they provide a bridge to the spiritual realm that you do not have to cross alone. In fact, intuitive readers can be seen as guides who can help you approach and understand aspects of spirituality that you may not know how to access on your own.

The Intuitive Readings offered at Sedona Healing Arts are both comprehensive and unparalleled amongst their kind. Key information is read from the highest and most complete level of the soul and distilled into everyday language so that you may understand (from a higher perspective) why you experience the struggles that you face. You may discuss any topic during your session; past or current issues, relationships, work and career, life purpose and spiritual growth, physical health, mental health, emotional health, finances, etc. You may also ask for insight into any person who may be a part of your life; past, present, or future. Intuitive readings are a powerful tool to bring clarity where there was once confusion, certainty where there was once doubt, and triumph where there were once obstacles.


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