Pineal Gland Awakening

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180 minutes



Heal old wounds. Re-pattern old habits.

Based on East Asian modalities, this session begins with an intuitive soul retrieval reading to discover and map your core issue at its root.

Once we bring the issue and all its tracks to light we process and neutralize any energetic stagnation trapped in the body that accompanied the old pattern. Sessions may include medical intuitive reading, abdominal healing, trigger point, cranio-sacral and myofascial release techniques, as well as applied Taoist breathing exercises.

*May require more than one session, each session being progressive.


• Pain Relief from Chronic Conditions

• Release from Old Emotional Trauma

• Clearing of Scar Tissue & Old Somatic Patterns

• Learning of Skills & Tools to Support Your Sustainable Wellness


A “biological conflict-shock” causes the appearance of a focus of activity centered on a precise point of the brain. The location of the focus depends on the nature of the shock-conflict. The organ controlled by that specific brain center registers a functional transformation. This transformation can manifest as a growth, as tissue loss or as a loss of function. In other words conflict breed disease.

For man and mammal, the oldest conflicts originate from the brain stem and result in cancerous growths – tumors. The resolution of these conflicts leads to a breakdown of the tumor and restoration of health. However, conflicts are subjective, and what may seem insignificant to one person may lead to death in another so long as it triggers a certain biological program, for instance, a territorial conflict.

All diseases start with a cold phase, activity of the parasympathetic nervous system predominates, the shock is a constant preoccupation, nights seem long, extremities are cold and meanwhile the organ lesion extends. With the brain stem, for instance, a tumor is growing. If and when there is a conflict resolution, the process will be reversed. The impression on the brain begins to heal, as does the organ. All physicians knowjus564 that healing is accompanied by oedema. The oedema that develops around the focus ring in the brain becomes visible on X-rays or CT’s and is usually misdiagnosed as a brain tumor. When healing is complete, after the healing crisis, the oedematous node is pressed out, a diuretic phase eliminates excess liquid from the organism and normal health is re-established.

The warm phase is the healing stage of disease and what we usually identify as infectious disease. During this stage, the transformations of the first stage are reversed. Cancers are broken down or encapsulated Necroses or ulcers are filled up again through the work of bacteria, or rather, bacterial infections. 

By emotionally mapping the origin of a conflict, the healing and resolution begins for good.