Pineal Gland Awakening with Yolessa

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Activate the power of your Pineal Gland and expand your intuition, insight and wisdom

This live or virtual training will discuss in detail essential information about the critical relationship between total freedom in mind, body and spirit and the health of your pineal gland.

Through this 3-hr training experience you will:

1. Gain clarity and wisdom to live your life on purpose.

2. Resolve generational and ancestral issues at their root.

3. Initiate healing in your mental, emotional and physical body.

A tiny pea-sized gland shaped like a pinecone, residing in the centre of our brains, may hold the secrets to wisdom, inspiration, psychic and energetic awareness. The Pineal Gland is vital for physical, mental and spiritual health, while also being a gateway to higher consciousness.

The pineal gland is the seat of spiritual wisdom and insight. It’s the mysterious “third eye” that so many civilizations and spiritual practices have fascinated over for millennia. But, going beyond its role as the bridge between the unseen and seen worlds, it’s the storage house of information that lies within the unconscious mind.

One of the reasons why the pineal gland is so powerful is because it holds generations’ worth of pain, trauma, experiences, memories, and habits that we’ve created through time and space, spanning all of existence. When looking at our lives from an energetic perspective, our individual karma and karmic cycle are what pave our destiny and dictate our every behavior, thoughts, emotions, and actions.

The pineal gland is the frontier to access and release that information. In other words, knowing and understanding it is your key to spiritual freedom.

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