Past Life Regression with Yolessa

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Discover who you may have been, heal issues or uncover your hidden purpose and potential with a Past Life Regression

A Past Life Reading provides both fascinating and practical insight into the challenges and ultimate purpose of your life. The story of your soul extends past the boundaries of this body; it’s likely that you have lived life as other identities. Unresolved trauma experienced by your soul in other lifetimes may be causing you hesitation, fear, anxiety, or unexplained responses to ordinary circumstances that prevent you from living this life to its fullest. Simply having an awareness of these formative events will give you a deeper understanding of your history, liberating you from the unconscious behaviors that may be thwarting your best laid plans.

Just like a personality test can help you understand the varying aspects of your character, a Past Life Regression can help you understand what your soul really wants to accomplish during your time on this earth and provide you with the tools to overcome the barriers between you and your soul’s ultimate goal.

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