Yolessa K. Lawrinnce, Esq.

Creator, 28-Day Spiritual Body Detox
Leader in Human Energetics Mastery

A studied Tao Master and experienced Spiritual Intuitive, Yolessa’s gift lies in her ability to pinpoint life force depleting beliefs and patterns at the root and help her clients reprogram in only a short time. She is clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient, receiving messages from your guides that reassure, advise and connect a person to their highest potential as a human being at any given moment on their life path. Also gifted in numerological interpretation, she can offer life-changing insight into your experiences based on your birth chart and names.

Spirit Guides Reading; Tao Principles and Practice; Medical Intuitive; Soul Retrieval; Angel Healing/Communication; Emotional Mapping; Name & Birthpath Interpretation; Spiritual Body Detox, Psychic Certification & Shaman Journeying

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Dyann Suares

Purpose Alignment Coach
Intuitive Reader 

Late in my 30’s my consciousness had been impacted deeply by the death of my father.  In that moment the struggle and conflict that had burdened me seized to exist.  My mind was quiet for the first time. I became aware of my emotions and their connections to their underlying causes, and my heart started beating a rhythm of harmony that matched my mind now.  This event was the defining moment of my awakening to a consciousness shift that much later in my life would be explained through some very learned mentors that helped me open up to the explorations leading me to what I now know as the True Self and Authentic Nature from within.

I now offer support to those choosing to begin their journey toward Emotional Self Mastery and increased personal signature vibration to create intention and the ability to reach a ‘Higher Self Mind Body’ connection and to move forward with their soul agreements.

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Sarah Walter

Advanced Shamanic Practitioner,
Yoga Teacher, and Spiritual Coach

CEO and Founder of Medicine People of the World

For most of my life, I had to fight to be happy.  I was consistently coping and perpetually confused, hiding my emotions and trying to appear happy.  About six years ago, I began my awakening process, which started with getting sober.  Sobriety offered me an opportunity to begin facing my fears and tapping into the subtler energies as I peeled away layer after layer.

I began healing and nurturing myself for the first time through nutrition, yoga, and meditation.  I also began studying the Chakras and Shamanic Practices, thereby tapping more and more deeply into my intuition.  As I started healing myself, I also realized my destiny on this earth is to heal and teach others.

Currently, my goal and life purpose is to guide others toward a more confident, peaceful, joyful, and freeing existence.

Humanity is beginning to wake up and realize that heaven is possible on earth.  Why do we fight this Truth?  We subconsciously fight it because our brain hard-wires habits, memories, and beliefs that are outdated for us, which leads to depression, anxiety, and confusion.   We THINK these beliefs and memories are still necessary or impossible to remove.  From my own experience and from witnessing the magical transformation of countless others, I know and passionately believe in this work and that memories and beliefs can be cleansed and healed.  I help those who are ready to break through the illusion.  I offer Freedom from Fear.  I believe that any shift in perspective is a Miracle, and they are all around us.

The work that I do is not about making someone whole again, because we are already whole.  My work in this world is about helping people REMEMBER they are whole.

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