Yolessa K.Lawrinnce,Esq.

Tao Master Intuit
Creator, 28-Day Awakening to Spirit

The incredible sensitivity that accompanied my psychic ability, and a lack of guidance left me with physically embodied trauma early in my youth. By engaging in Mind-Body training and with tremendous mentoring, I was finally able to master my empathy and step out from the shadow into the light, enabling me to take on my true role and

purpose as a person who delivers the cosmic laws and principles that awaken us to who we are and our supernatural abilities.

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JJ Jung

JayJay Jung

Holistic Healer
Intuitive Reader

With over 17 years of teaching experience, she brings a huge heart and plenty of personal experience to help heal from a place of authenticity and gentleness. She loves to share her healing journey experience, and hopes that many people experience the same.

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DaeHwang (Andy) Phillips

Intuitive, Certified Health Coach, Heart Energy Healer and Yoga Instructor

After healing my self of a 30 year addiction to pain medications and 5 unsuccessful back surgeries,  I realized  my inner sense of connection had awakened me to a deeper meaning of self-healing.
This self-healing led me to go within to Awaken to my spiritual gifts and passions that helped me to understand deeper changes that were needed.
One of my passions was working with Glass. I began to understand the Geometry of the Glass elements which helped me find my way to use this craft to dive in more deeply to help me piece together more of myself (using fire to refine the glass pieces ) thus re-defining a new way of Being for myself.
Later, I began the Study of Universal Principles through the application of Body and Brain Yoga which continues to be instrumental in deepening my integration.
I now offer my  Services to support Spiritual Self Mastery and Integration of the Mind, Body Spirit Model.

Spirit Guides Reading; Tao Principles and Practice; Medical Intuitive; Soul Retrieval; Angel Healing/Communication; Emotional Mapping; Name & Birthpath Interpretation; Spiritual Body Detox, Psychic Certification & Shaman Journeying

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Dyann Suares

Spirit Guide, Intuitive, Core Alignments for Mind Body Soul

Late in my 30’s my consciousness had been impacted deeply by the death of my father. In that moment the struggle and conflict that had burdened me seized to exist. My mind was quiet for the first time. I became aware of my emotions and their connections to their underlying causes, and my heart started beating a rhythm of harmony that matched my mind now. This event was the defining moment of my awakening to a consciousness shift that much later in my life would be explained through some very learned mentors that helped me open up to the explorations leading me to what I now know as the True Self and Authentic Nature from within. I now offer support to those choosing to begin their journey toward Emotional Self Mastery and increased personal signature vibration to create intention and the ability to reach a ‘Higher Self Mind Body’ connection and to move forward with their soul agreements.

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