Intuit Yolessa

Accurate, compassionate, transformational readings.

You are truly meant to have everything. It’s time to move forward and let go of anything that is holding you back. Let me help you see, feel and hear the messages that were meant to get you there.

Intuit Kristen

Compassionate, honest readings to reassure and soothe.

We all have an intuitive ability, but may have a difficult time trusting what we see. Let me help you soothe your thoughts. I can help clarify the answers you’ve been seeking.

Intuit Christine

Readings that inspire and deliver hope.

There is always hope, I promise. Find the light in any situation and the way forward. I will help you find clarity so the most authentic choices are available to you.

Intuit Jules Tani

Crossover readings that speak to the other side

I am your medium between you and your angels. They have so much they want to communicate with you, to help you on your way.

Intuit Natalie

Clear, friendly and focused readings

You can ask me anything and I will do my best to shed the light for you.

Intuit Dawoon Kong

Discovering yourself through lunar birthday astrology.

Does your birthday really influence your choices, attributes, and way of thinking? Do you feel as if something is out of reach, or you can only grasp the edges of what is? Let me help you discover your greatest self through the power of your birth date with a lunar birthday astrology reading.

Intuit Isabel

Bright, deep and extensive readings.

Let me help you resolve your deep issues with the light you already have inside.

Intuit Bama Kim

Insightful and authentic readings for self-healing.

I believe we are already enlightened. However, we forget. Let me help you heal yourself, connect with your value and actualize your dreams in the reality.

Intuit Hong Ik

Compassionate, Inspiring, & Awakening Readings.

I trust the true power of the human brain and the ability of a person to reach their highest potential. I never give up on their soul with love & compassion. Let me help you awaken your power and true potential with heartfelt guidance.

Intuit Hope Ihm

Energy intuitive reading to guide your awakening.

Be ready for growth in all areas. I am a nurturing, trustworthy, open-minded energy intuitive. I will remind you to connect with your true self and will always put the power back in your hands in guiding you to awakening.

Intuit Yana

I will guide you to find the light within.

As we go through the journey of healing,
growth, and completion sometimes we get stuck in our life issues. I can help you to see what and how you can go through and embrace them for your continuous evolution.

Intuit Anita Ahn

Intuitive Reading to find the root of your issues.

If you are struggling from repetitive issues physically, emotionally and environmentally, I can help you to understand what causes your issues and how to resolve them.