Intuit Natalie

“You have a choice.”


Availability Schedule

Tuesday 9am-4pm

Thursday 9am-4pm

Gifts: Clairsentience, Clairaudience 
Tools: Clairsentience, Oracle Cards (Colette Baron Reid’s Wisdom of the Oracle, Hidden Realms and Enchanted Map) 
Reading Style: Non-judgemental, Tender, Compassionate and Straightforward

More about Natalie

Years of Experience: 3

Natalie was born clairsentient and clairaudient. Early on she understood that her “hypersensitivity” is an asset. Naturally, friends would seek her out for her opinion, experiencing her insight as truthful, straightforward and honest. A spiritual awakening a few years back led her on a journey to find answers to what she saw and felt in a life altering meditative state. Natalie’s journey continues by recognizing and honoring her intuitive gifts as she continues to learn.  She values self-improvement and utilizes every opportunity to continue her self-expansion. Natalie’s wish is to share her knowledge and wisdom with others and help them to choose from a mindful perspective for their highest good and for others.