Healer Intuit Hong Ik

“I trust the true power of the human brain”


Availability Schedule

Monday-Saturday 9:30am to 8pm

I trust the true power of the human brain and the ability of a person to reach their highest potential. I never give up on their soul with love & compassion. Let me help you awaken your power and true potential with heartfelt guidance.

Gifts: Emotional Cleansing / Purification, Chakra Awakening / Balancing / Cleansing, Energy Healing, 3rd Eye (pineal gland) Awakening, Clairsentience, Clairempathy, Claircognizance, Clairtangency.
Tools:  Pendulum, Wisdom Cards, Chakra Cards, Crystals, LifeParticle Card, & LalaCula
Reading Style: Read emotional baggage clearly and give heartfelt guidance in various ways for their own awakening.

More about Hong Ik

Years of Experience: 24

Her name, “Hongik” means widely beneficial to all humanity. This special name was bestowed upon her by ILCHI LEE, the founder of Brain Education. She is a certified HSP (Hyper Sensory Perception) trainer with KIBS (The Korea Institute of Brain Science) and has completed the “Mastership Over Consciousness” training with Body & Brain and the certification in “Intuitive Reading” with Sedona Healing Arts. She currently serves as the regional director of Body & Brain in New Mexico.