Intuit Dawoon Kong

“Discover yourself through the date you were born.”


Availability Schedule

Tuesday 10am-2pm

Wednesday 10am-2pm

Thursday 10am-2pm

Friday 10am-2pm

One’s birthday holds power and qualities over one’s life, whether it’s through eastern or western astrology. Learn more about innate qualities that can help you overcome the obstacles in your life.

Gifts: Intuitive Reading through lunar birthday astrology
Tools: Lunar astrology charting and mapping, based on your birth date, place and time
Reading Style: Explanatory, Direct

More about Dawoon

Years of Experience: 20 +

Dawoon was blessed with an intuitive gift at an early age. Her curiosity and desire to learn more about lunar (Asian) astrology, coupled with her desire to help others, led Dawoon to begin birthday readings for friends and family. Combined with her natural intuition, she found that it was easy to guide others towards discovering and bettering themselves in a safe, comfortable way where positive results were fostered and cultivated. Dawoon looks forward to helping you discover the hidden meaning of your birth date, what events are in store for you and how you can reach your greatest potential through the qualities inherent within you.
Session Requirements: Date, time, and location of your birth*
*Sessions are 20 minutes long. Please come prepared with one question to ask her about your lunar astrology chart.