Healer Intuit Bama Kim

“I believe we are already enlightened.”


Availability Schedule

Wednesday  11am-12pm

Thursday 7am-8am

I believe we are already enlightened. However, we forget. Let me help you heal yourself, connect with your value and actualize your dreams in the reality.

Gifts: Intuitive reading, Inner child healing, Relationship healing, Empathy
Tools:  Healing wand, Wisdom cards
Reading Style: Simple, Intuitive, Introspective

More about Bama

Years of Experience: 22

Bama Kim has been practicing Body & Brain Yoga for over 22 years. Through her experience, Bama has helped countless people discover the latent power within themselves to heal their mind, body, and spirit, and to strive to reach their greatest potential. She has a natural ability to find the root cause of her clients’ issues in order to help them change their habits, to manage their stress, and create a healthier, happier and more peaceful life. She helped many kinds of illness and disease patients through her innate healing power and mentoring such as brain tumor, cancers, stroke, psychological and mental issues, addictions, relationships and so on. Also, she helps many CEOs and leaders for their selfmanagement, leadership and mentoring of others. Bama Kim also wore many hats in her years with Body & Brain such as a Worksite Wellness Program Director, teaching outreach classes for businesses, and was the national Director of the Body & Brain Center franchise companies. As well, she is the Educational director of Sun Institute (Integrative Health vocational school, NJ) and Wellness director at the Honor’s Haven Retreat in NY.