Ask a Spiritual Intuitive – Life Advice

Stay connected, energized and continue to transform with our Life Class

Living Tao Everyday. Money. Sex. Death. Health. Fame.
5 weeks. 5 issues.

2 hrs per week Wednesdays at 6pm Mountain time
online beginning April 18 to May 2, 2018; includes 3 private sessions with Spiritual Intuitive Yolessa

Examine timeless principles that bring a fresh perspective to your experiences. Discover the purpose of your life, and how to continuously harness your inherent creative power.

Consider what can happen when a thousand people unify their energetic and mental prowess in order to ripen their personal transformation, transformation in community and on the planet? The power generated may create a substantial reaction, ripening causes and conditions until change occurs.

This is an incredible way to continue your journey with us and thrive.