Authentic Intuitive Readings 100% Satisfaction

Authentic Intuitive Readings

Every reader at Sedona Healing Arts has been specially selected and tested through a rigorous screening process to ensure authenticity and meaningfulness in their readings. Only the very best readers, who have a proven track record, including a commitment to living their most authentic lives become part of the Sedona Healing Arts community.

If you’re not happy with your last paid reading, it’s free. We will give you the time back to try us again. A credit must be requested within 1 day of your last reading and can only be applied to your last reading. The accuracy of readings cannot be guaranteed due to the long-term nature of some content, and the role that you play in fulfilling your own destiny. Sedona Healing Arts reserves the right to refuse any credit request.

We know from our customers and our own direct experience that finding genuine intuitive readers committed to the highest levels of ethics and professionalism can be challenging in an industry where inauthenticity can be rampant. At Sedona Healing Arts, we are committed to creating an experience based upon customer satisfaction. That’s why our Advisors are hand-selected and carefully screened. We seek to give the highest quality of experience to our customers.

Because we are committed to the highest level of authenticity, and customer satisfaction, our intuitive readers provide:

Guidance as to your purpose and path in this life

Relationship and compatibility insight – love readings

Recommendations about timing for events in your life

Increased awareness of energies and influences that may be impacting your life

Practical tools for greater awakening and personal growth

Unconditional acceptance and genuine caring

A team of Psychic Readers who deliver spiritual insight for the benefit of humanity and the planet.

“Love Humanity, Love the Earth.” This simple statement sums up the focus at Sedona Healing Arts.

In pursuing this calling, we provide guidance to people who seek an open-minded, integrative and practical spiritual direction for living their most authentic life.

‘Tao’ provides the guiding principles for manifesting a more balanced, sustainable, and peaceful you. Tao encompasses the way to live naturally, in alignment with nature, since we are, in essence, nature itself.

Tao consists of three main focuses:
• Healing
• Qigong
• Meditation

All the readers at Sedona Healing Arts have trained, and continue to train themselves in the spirit of Tao, making them not only exceptionally sensitive and insightful Psychics, but people who truly embody and live the principles.

We are here for the growth of our souls, as well as for the growth of every soul we meet.

That is why we believe that we are the best.